Best PVP Experience

you can get!

"I came to GSC from MTS looking for somewhere that i would be able to build up with a similar community, GSC offers just that! They have the same rates, a points system, and events! The staff is great and personable, they don't actively play so there is no bias and the community opinion is truly taken to heart! Try GSC, you wont regret it!" -Plaguepaws

"This server is by far the best one I've played on. Modded, but not to the point of ruining the game. Actually revived my interest in this game for the next expansion. Admins are solid and available. 10/10" -K3nax

"The server has that new start feel the players don't know each other yet but are starting to, the mod list is something that gets voted on pretty constantly, and the admins are organized with a good system. So far its been pretty great, the admins work to keep the community involved in how the server grows and develops. That involvement is probably the thing I like the most." -Kricket

The GSC is an American based 4man private server cluster, focused on competitive and fair PVP.




The GSC's Servers are set to run 5X everything with ORP and light mods. 

10X taming and maturation on weekends.



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